colon irrigation reviews



Colon Irrigation Reviews

I found this colon irrigation procedure online and after some research I went and had a cleanse in a very nice clinic. I must say that even though the people in the clinic where great, I will never go through that again, ever. It was the most embarrassing time of my life. I had this really professional lady administer the procedure but I was not very comfortable with her inserting rectum tubes and assessing my stool as it was coming out. I went straight away and bought a home colon cleansing kit and do it at home with the same results. Sedric


What a great procedure, I bought one of these home kits and my whole family uses it, even my 16 year old daughter. I feel more energized and I seem to have lost some of the bulging love handles or muffin tops as my husband calls them. I would recommend one of these kits to anybody. Liz


I went for a colonoscopy and before I went I did a colon cleanse with one of those boards that you lay on. My brother had one and I thought it would help with the cleaning out of the colon, which they do at the hospital. I didn’t need to have them do an enema or anything and went in for the check up. So that home cleanses help with these pre-check up procedures. Robert