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Colon Irrigation


Do you know that there are about 10 million cheeseburgers eaten per day in the world? In America we eat more junk for than any other nation in the world by about 18% on average. We are by far the largest consumer for unhealthy food intake. Two-thirds of Americans are over weight and half of these numbers are obese. We are in an epidemic in the US we are the most unhealthy nation by far. Our nation needs to take a stand and not only start to control what they out into their mouths but the need to cleanse what has already been put into there bodies.

If you think that when you eat something it enters your mouth and goes through your system then exits as fecal matter and this is the only impact that eating has, you are wrong. Obesity comes form the incorrect fats that enter your system and remain there, we all know this. In addition to this we need to look a little further down the digestive process. The colon! The colon is the very last place before the fecal matter exits your body. This is one of the most over looked part of a human's body and on how to loose weight or remain healthy. The Colon gets lined with years and years of cheeseburger fecal matter and stays there. It never gets extracted out due to its sticky consistency. Even if you eat all the right foods ands stay away form junk food, your colon is stilled lined with mucous toxins. Everyone needs to cleanse this mucous out. The major problem with this lining been saturated is that it nothing can get through it and enter the body. The body gets its moisture form the fecal matter that passes through the colon. If the colon is lined then the moisture that gets extrapolated from the fecal can't be adsorbed and it gets flushed out. This means less fluid to your internal organs and less nutrients to your body and most of it ends up in the toilet.

How do you cleanse your colon? The most effective way is by colonic irrigation. Colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy means cleaning your colon by flushing water in and back out. This is done by a machine in a clinic or a home colonic irrigation kit. A tube is inserted into your rectum and water is either pumped or drained into your rectum. Then the water enters the colon and is flushed back out again. It is flushed this way for between 40-60 minutes. This flushing process is the only real way to cleanse your large colon. There are several other processes like herbal teas or detoxing oral products but our research has it that these really have limited or no effect on the lined and packed fecal matter that lies in the colon. This is the best way to clean out your colon of the toxic lining.

Let's go ahead and help ourselves to a happier and healthier lifestyle of wellness and clean out our cheeseburgers.