buy colon irrigation

Buy Colon Irrigation


Buy Colon Irrigation

Why would you buy a colon irrigation kit? Where would you buy a colon irrigation kit? Why wouldn’t you just go to a colon irrigation clinic and have you colon cleansed? There are many reasons why you should buy a colon irrigation kit and where to buy your colon kit. Let’s explore where to buy your kit and why you should buy it versus going to get a cleanse done in a clinic. There isn’t much information about the comparisons between these two processes but hopefully we can help shed some light on this topic.

Why buy a colon irrigation kit for home usage? Why not just go to a clinic and get one done there? It is cheaper at first. So why doesn’t it make send e to just go and get one done there and not have to purchase a kit at home Well, let’s consider it. Think about going to a colon cleansing clinic. You have to get into your car and drive there which can be an inconvenience. Then you have to sit in an embarrassing environment while you wait in the reception to get your colon cleansed. Probably not the worst of it. The most uncomfortable part is lying down and having someone, who typically is not a doctor, and the have to insert a tube into your rectum. Then they have to administer your stool flushing and clean up after you. This happens for about an hour which tends to make most people very uneasy.


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The alternative to this very personal cleanse is to purchase buy your own kit and do it yourself in the privacy of your own home. This is a very simple procedure to handle by one person at home. You don’t even need someone to help. Another reason you should buy your colon irrigation kit for home use is that it is much more coast effective. A clinic cleanse costs $95 per visit and you need between 3-6 cleanses per year. This amounts to between $285 and $570 per year. A home kit costs around $250 and it will last forever. So your return on investment is about 2 clinic visits and you health!! The savings increase as you add a family member. You can get an extra set of tubes and rectum inserts at a very low cost and each person has their own set but can share the board and bucket (these are the costly items).

There are not many companies that sell home colon irrigation kits and we have found one that supplies a great product at a competitive price.